Let's be healthy

One of the plans I have for this blog was to show my way down the weight scale. I've lost about 20 kilos in the past, but it is only half of what I should be going down, so now I'm going to give priority to the last 20 kilos.

I'm not going to do some big changes with the food I eat, but little things such as eating fruit for snack, make more homemade food and walk past the chocolate shelf in the store. The plan is to lay out different recipes I try, the training I am doing and photos along the way. I can not wait to run longer than the three minutes I can now

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  1. It helps me to focus on getting enough protein every day, and then fill up with veggies. Of course, I like to have a small treat sometimes, because life is boring without some variation! I have found that I don't even want to eat bread and sugar as much when I have enough protein. I just wrote about the changes I made - http://thisnotsosimplelife.com/2014/09/20/lifestyle-change-post/ Looking forward to following your journey, too!