A new chapter

I have no idea how many times I've seen the text inside of this blog the last few months. And each time, I've written down the explanation on explanation as to why I was all of a sudden gone. In a way, I will explain everything, but at the same time I will not say anything at all. There have been many obstacles on the road the last time, but fortunately, it is almost over.

 Now I finally know that I'm starting to get back to where I was 2 years ago. Both in terms of my mood, but also my mind. At the time I smiled anyway. I had a motivation high as a mountain, and I got done away everything that should be done both socially, as a student and as a mom. The biggest reason why I am starting to feel like me again is simply because my life has changed. We have moved to a very nice apartment close to the city. Our house will be ready in just over a year, and other than bills my life seems pretty smoothly.

A rare sight. me with makeup and hair styled

Even though I am the proudest mom to little Aaron, I have made up my mind to not have a mommy blog anymore. This is simply because the blog is my little haven, and since I think of Aaron each minute of every day, is good to relax when the evening comes and just think and write about the things i'm interested in. The plan was actually to start a new blog as the name of this reminds me of a mommy blog, but after a little chat with Karoline I decided kept this blog simply because I am so fond of the blog name. But it's going to be some changes here. I'm going to write more about weightloss and to go away from the typical mom stage with sweatpants, zero makeup and unkempt hair to actually start to work out, see a little more properly out and expand the girl who is inside of me. I will sometimes write about mommy thing, but this will not be a clean mommy blog

 I hope you will follow me on the road ahead and feel free to give me tips to what you guys want to read about. Feel free to follow me on bloglovin or to like my facebook page:)

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