Expecting number two.

Long time, no see!
Things have been crazy the last five months. First I discovered that I was pregnant in September, then I was hospitalized because of extreme morning sickness around week 8 of pregnancy. After one week with iv fluids, meds around the clock and many hours spent in bed, I finally got out of the hospital and got back home to my son. I got rid of the nausea in week 16, but instead I got another disease that is most likely to last through the entire pregnancy.

I will not write about what this disease is or how it affects me because I do not want any attention to this. I'd rather spend the time and my words to write about the positive things that is happening in my life. I will focus on what this blog is all about even though I'm pregnant. It will not be about weight loss anymore, but being healthy and trying to become a more glamorous mom. With several months being so sick that even makeup has reach its expiration date, I think it's time to get those makeup brushes working and try a decent outfit again.

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