Opening up

It's days like this that makes me think about everything and nothing at once. Sometimes I'm scared of getting into the "basement" again with my mental health. Sometimes I'm smiling all day and forget about everything that hurts me. It's ups and downs all the time, and it makes me crazy. I just want to get rid of those crazy thoughts. When you see me out in public or home when my son is awake, i'm fine. I'm smiling and talking to everyone, but when I'm alone it's like turning on a light and all the problems get out of the dark and I have to deal with them. I know I'm a good mother to my son, and I know that I have everything lined up, but it's the small things that just eats up my brain.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was because I want for once just show someone that I can also do something I set my mind to. I want someone to be proud of me and my work. Even though my family and friends ain't going to read my blog, they are going to see the result of me when I get thinner and more fabulous. I hope I can do this just so someone will be proud. That's all I ask for.

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  1. I hope you stick with this blog, because I look forward to reading your posts. There will be days when you think that nobody is listening, but remember that we are. From one blogger to another, good luck!! If you need any help getting things going message me on Twitter @NmsBauer :)

    Woman in the Man Cave